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Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
house? for rubio tupac is one small way to differentiate himself. to say i'm not out of the '50s. i'm modern and cool. what tupac is to rubio, rubio is to the gop. he's a human band-aid on a gaping bullet hole. most of his message is not that much different from romney's failed assault on big government, but he's not an older white man so maybe this time it will work. but the gop doesn't understand that voters see through the window dressing. they see through the new face pushing old policies. they see through the tupac loving senator whose anti-gay marriage and pro-life and anti-science and pro gun rights and who voted against the violence again women rights. if pac were alive, he would be battling rubio and the rnc. all right. that does it for requesting the cycle." martin, it's yours. >> you've pumped us up. it's monday, february 18th. president's day and the president is about to return home to washington where republicans are waiting to greet him with a cold shoulder and a wet blanket. >> i'm in palm beach, florida, not far from the president. >> the president of the united sta
Feb 18, 2013 4:00pm EST
rubio and other republicans in an understanding they have to get to comprehensive immigration reform this year. the problem is there's tremendous resistance on the base both to the concept of immigration reform and to the idea of working couldn't tioper with obama. what this does in a way is it allows rubio and allows some of the others who will have to cut a deal with obama or could have to cut a deal with obama to have that moment where, oh, no, this is presidential overreach, this is king obama, we're walking away and it can bring them back and it can in a round about way make it easier to eventually let them sell a compromise to their base. that's the optimistic way of looking at this. >> we're forgetting the greatest nonscandal of all time, benghazi. shouldn't congress xhond that tiger woods and his caddie appear before a committee because he might now know something about benghazi? >> this would be typical of the republicans. as we discussed the other day, this is a party that has lost three out of the last four elections starting with 2006, and at some point they're going to h
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am EST
. >>> historic prices. gasoline selling at historic highs. no clear reason for the increases. >>> marco rubio is raking in serious bucks. don't spare him a swipe by "saturday night live." >>> happy presidents' day, everyone. we begin with a powerful storm about to sweep across much of the country. >> it's blowing in from the pacific ocean tonight. heavy rain, hail, and a foot of mountain snow in california. the storm will stretch to the nation's midsection. florida braces for another frigid morning. and new england digging out from yet another storm. with wind gusts out of the north gusting up to 50 or 60 miles an hour, some northeast state, buried by historic snowfall are getting another arctic blast. maine getting the worst of it. >> blowing snow can make visibility zero. >> reporter: eight inches on the coast and more inland. in cape cod, cars are still buried in snow banks from the last storm. more worries about coastal damage. on new york's long island, plows and salt trucks tried to keep up with rapidly changing conditions. connecticut towns waiting for federal relief money from the las
Feb 11, 2013 3:00am PST
basis in the senate. senator mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio, joining chuck schumer, bob menendez, and myself in a group trying to come up with a bipartisan solution. but it won't just apply to children. eric cantor's speech to the american enterprise institute, he quoted emma lazarus, and that great quotation found on the statue of liberty. it doesn't say i lift my lamp beside the golden door for children only. we have 11 million people in this country who need a pathway to citizenship. i hope that the republicans in the house and mr. cantor will embrace that as part of immigration reform. >> just to pin you down on that point, what i heard from him today was, look, we can get something along the lines of the dream act passed right away. and we may have to come back to this business of a pathway to citizenship for everybody else. but you think there's momentum in the senate side to deal with everybody and deal with this pathway without illegal immigrants having to first go home? >> let me tell you this, david. the dream act means more to me than i can express. i met these young p
Feb 13, 2013 11:35pm EST
, the opposition party gives a rebuttal after his speech. last night, florida senator marco rubio rebutted for the gop, and while the president focused on the middle class and the rich should pay more taxes, rubio said you can't have a middle class without the rich. he's right. without an upper class to not be a part of, how would you even know you were middle class? you might think you were rich. that would screw everything up, so you need rich people to etch have a middle class. just like you need biggie fries to have regular sized fries. [ applause ] technically, you need poor people, too, although he did not point that out. while rubio covered a lot in this rebuttal, most everyone seems to be focused on this. >> we can't remain powerful if we don't have an economy that can afford it. in the short time that i've been here in washington, nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government and big business. >> jimmy: that's what you get when you eat a whole bag of snider's bavarian pretzels before a sp
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Feb 14, 2013 2:00am PST
. >>> florida senator marco rubio hit some water due to the state of the union. rubio tweeted picked up over 3,000 new followers on twitter last night. i am going to start drinking water in the middle of all of my speeches. take a look at the marco rubio water bottle. reclaim america is offering one if you donate -- 25 bucks or more on-line. president obama's two big nominees john brennan and chuck hagel facing resistance. a show down looming in the senate as democrats attempt to break a gop filibuster of the defense nominee chuck hagel. >> good morning ainsley, first things first that top job at the pentagon since we are one day closer to the devastating automatic cuts to the defense departments potentially being brought about by the sec quest tore on the first of march. even during such an uncertain time some republicans want to make sure the correct person is installed as defense secretary. they are ready to keep asking questions until they are satisfied enough to vote one way or another on chuck hagel. >> the debate on chuck payihage not over. it has not been serious. we don't have the inf
Feb 16, 2013 10:00pm PST
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Feb 17, 2013 4:00pm PST
would say is primary elections need not be selected by the party, in my case and senator rubio's case the party chose someone else and in senator rubio's chase they selected a democrat which is not a really good choice, let's have healthy primaries and if people want to contribute on all sides, let people make voluntary contributions and we'll see which way it goes but competitive primaries you get a good candidate, typically. >> chris: the president's agenda: what is wrong with the idea the president laid out in the state of the union, yes, at this time particularly when we have a weak recovery, we need to spend more money, he calls it, investment, on education, on infrastructure, on research, especially, when mr. obama says, if you make cuts in other places we won't add his words, a dime to the deficit. >> yeah, he said that about 20 times in the last four years. meanwhile, he added $6 trillion to the debt. i think it is really disingenuous. he said in his speech he reduced the debt by $2 trillion. well, he added $6 trillion and that means because he didn't add $8 trillion he's redu
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
of the president's speech. the republicans' response delivered by florida senator marco rubio. >> the tax increases and what you proposed will hurt middle class families. it will cost their raises and benefits and it may even cost some of them their jobs. >> unfortunately for rubio, this may be the most remembered moment of his rebuttal. >> in the short time i have been here in washington nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. >> that was awkward. the biggest foreign policy point, he is bringing 34,000 troops home from afghanistan. and by the end of next year the u.s. war in afghanistan will be over. carolyn? >> mark matthews reporting for us. >>> the first lady's guest list shows how much of a focus jobs are in the president's second term. apple's ceo tim cook was among a group of tech innovators and entrepreneurs. cook has committed to bringing mac computer manufacturing back to the u.s. this year. the republicans had their own guests in the crowd. ted nugent, a representative from texas invited the rock star who is a staunch gun advocate. n
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
six of the speakers are possible 2016 presidential candidates. they are of course marco rubio, rand paul, paul ryan, rick san tomorr santorum and jeb bush. >>> we have some sad news for basketball fans. los angeles lakers owner jerry buss died today. he was 80 years old and had been fighting cancer. he took over the lakers in 1979. they won ten nba titles under his ownership and he made the nba hall of fame. so we're sad to hear of this loss. what a remarkable career. he built this entire franchise. it was more than just a team, it was a brand essentially. >> the lakers. just take a look at what they've accomplished. he was the owner. you've got to give him a lot of credit. >> he brought in some of those big names like magic johnson. you know them, some of your favorite stars as well, kobe bryant, made them the superstars. >> huge, huge operation now in part because -- not only lakers but all the nba, spent the weekend at the nba all-star game in houston, and you see how it's grown over these past 30 years. amazing growth. he played a significant role. >> our viewers may not know bu
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm EST
kathy mangu-ward. i want to read senator marco rubio's great line. best line of the night. "presidents in both parties, from john f. kennedy to ronald reagan, have known that our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle-class prosperity." and this whole speech was pro growth. question. where was obama on the growth issue? i didn't hear a single pro growth in an economy that you yourself don't trust at all. where was he on that? >> no, he wasn't. it was the same old, same old, same speech we've heard a million times. there was nothing new in it. i was wanting to throw things at the television set because there were so many untruths in it. so many things that were false, that just didn't -- >> give me a -- what stands out? give me an untruth you particularly dislike. >> just that the economy is doing well. the economy is coming back. we're -- really? really? you ask the average person on the street how they're feeling about it. the pulse of america is not feeling good about this economy. and no matter what he says it's not happening. it's just not. i get so tired of hearing it
Feb 16, 2013 7:00pm PST
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Feb 17, 2013 1:00am PST
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Feb 17, 2013 5:00am PST
-baked and seriously flawed. rubio is in the middle east right now visiting israel and jordan and talking to leaders in both of those countries, and the timing is the interesting part of this for a lot of people because you see, president obama is scheduled to travel to israel next month. right now though the president is getting a little r & r in rubio's home state of florida, and it's led to some tense moments in the skies above vacation spots. fighter jets were called in twice tonight september small planes that strayed into that restricted airspace. the secret service and the faa are investigating, by the way. >>> let's get to south africa. relatives of off theus are strongly disputing prosecutor campaigns that the olympic track star committed premeditated murder. he is jail right now waiting for a bond hearing. pistorius' agent says he denies the allegation and his uncle spoke to reporters yesterday. >> after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder. we have no doubt there is no substance for the allegations and that the state's own case
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 2:00am EST
wanted mao rubio to run last year? how big of a difference. >> i'm not sure he is at the top. he will give the response and tom can give the response next year and we will have the rubio cotton ticket in 2016. >> chris: when this guy talks we listen. all right, panel, we have to take a break here. we we come back some members of congress demand new checks on the president's power to launch drone strik >>> it was a limited covert pro gram. now, everybody knows about it. and i think we need to see that this program is really run according to the american constitution. >> chris: senator dianne feinstein suggesting creation of a secret drone court where the president would have to go to get approval before putting terror suspects on his kill list and we are back now you with the panel. congressman cotton for people who don't know you, you are kind of an interesting figure. went to harvard. went to harvard law school and then spent five years on active duty on the frontlines in iraq and afghanistan. a lot of credibility on both sides of the issue. how do you feel about the idea before
Comedy Central
Feb 12, 2013 11:30pm PST
in half. i guess nobody remembers this guy, ronald reagan, the white marco rubio. [laughter] he had a little something called "the eleventh commandment." "thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow republican." that's all over now and i could mean only one thing. >> civil war. >> the president of citizens united declared the civil war has begun. >> it's full-on gop warfare. it's gop civil war. >> stephen: yes, gop civil war. of course, the first thing they'll have to fight over is which side gets the confederate flag. [laughter] so, as a conservative, i guess i have to choose sides. karl and i have had some good times, we buried that hooker. [laughter] but deep down, my heart is with the tea party. well, maybe not my heart. what organ produces bile. gall bladder, i guess. i don't know. i believe that republicans can not wuss out here. they need to charge ahead and take even more conservative positions. forget embracing latinos, we need a program to shoot them into space. [laughter] let's give them a pathway to low orbit. gays shouldn't be allowed to marry, or vote. i for one don't want
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm EST
marco rubio, and throughout the night we'll hear from journalists and other members of congress. we'll also get your thoughts on the speech and some of the issues raised by the president. we'll take them by phone, twitter and facebook, and that's tonight on c-span, c-span radio and, of course, and we want to hear from you on our facebook page, we're asking you if you think state of the union addresses matter. weigh in with your opinion at and a preview of tonight's state of the union address now from the this morning's "washington journal." >> host: we now turn to two reporters to give us some insight into the state of the union speech tonight. anita kumar, white house correspondent for mcclatchy newspapers, welcome, also jonathan strong, congressional reporter from "roll call." good morning to you as well. >> guest: morning. >> host: how much do we know about what president obama plans to say tonight? do we have much of an indication? >> guest: we have some of an indication. i think he will return to talking about the economy. that's sort of what we
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
? questions how media responded to marco rubio. some say is this a career-ender for this man? is that going a little too far. >> it had been a long day at work we had already done an 18-minute recording in spanish and my mouth got dry, what can i say. i was happy overall with what we were able to deliver in the speech. [ whispering ] i've always preferred the crème part of an oreo. [ whispering ] that's crazy, the cookie's the best part. crème. cooe. crème. stop yelling. you stop yelling. [ whispering ] both of you stop yelling. [ whispering ] i'm trying to read. [ male announcer ] choose your side at more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable de
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am EST
and directed directly at the opposing party tonight the. >> and what about the response from marco rubio? what's the republican line likely to be here? are they similarly going to use this as a way to make their case to the public as a place for avoiding the sequester or not depending on what the the agenda is? >> i think they will. i think what you'll see senator rubio do who, by the way, has a tough job tonight. it's very hard to deliver a speech in the format directly following the president and look at it all on equal term. first, he has to lay out a thoughtful critique as to what the president's plan is. to your point or sequester, tax raise easy, i think you'll see marco rubio lay out a vision for how a long-term spending cut plan will be better for the economy. secondly, he has to be positive. he has to be uplifting. the republican brand has taken a hit over these last spending hikes can it cannot afford to keep being seen as the party of keeping people down, so to speak. and as a result of that, i think you'll see him give a very uplifting, very personal accounting of his rise in ameri
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am PST
will come from the republicans, senator marco rubio chosen to give the official response. it will be in english and spanish, of course. he's a rising star, the senator from florida. >> reporter: that's right. his speech will be entirely in english. but he is pretaping an entire response in spanish that will go out on the spanish language networks. rubio's message will also be about the economy. he's leading the charge for republicans on immigration. that will be mentioned in the speech. but again, his challenge will be to the president saying, we need a smaller government, maybe a more efficient government. but a smaller government. >> and there will be a separate tea party response from senator rand paul. diane sawyer and i will anchor the coverage of the state of the union at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. >> should be an interesting night, george. >>> we're going to turn to the vacation nightmare. the carnival cruise ship that has been stranded in the gulf of mexico. instead of trying to go to mexico, the ship trying to get to a port now in mobile, alabama. matt gutm
Feb 17, 2013 1:00pm PST
million undocumented immigrants who are here to become citizens. republicans led by senator marco rubio call this reported version of the president's plan "dead on arrival" in congress. rubio spores the bipartisan gang of eight plan, which was released last month. that also offers a pathway to citizenship, along with more money for broader security. republicans say the white house plan doesn't do enough to secure america's borders, even though would increase funds for the border patrol. >>> over in illinois, the family of jesse jackson jr. says they are struggling to cope with allegations the former congressman misused campaign funds for personal expenses, but they are also standing by his side as he faces federal charges while struggling, in part, with his mental health. >> dealing with issues of his health, as well as legal issues and dealing with both simultaneously. we ask that you be mindful that he is not able to speak for himself. >> jesse jackson jr. stepped down as a congressman to deal with those health problems. he says he takes responsibility for his actions. a judge will de
Feb 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> rubio for the steel and he gets high and mighty. >> we biels tend to get high. that is my cousin. i taught him that. they were on the losing end 163-135. high and mighty, abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> i don't know how mighty. thank you larry. >> up next, an up vagues of the you are furry kind. >> what could >>> here is a look at your wake up weather. mostly clear and light wind and temperatures mid30s to low 50s range. 40s and 50s by 8:00 a.m. lisa argen will be here at 5:00 a.m. >>> colorado is facing an invasion of sorts. bin -- bunnies are going after cars at the denver airport. >> they are cute, but getting into cars and chewing cables causing hundreds of dollars of damage per car. that's not cute. that's our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. have a good night. >> have a good weekend. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shim
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am PST
response given by florida senator marco rubio gave the impression about how hard it's going to be to pass. combative speech, filled with a personal story, but somewhat combative. >> and both sides laying claim to being advocates for the middle class. substance aside, there is a moment in rubio's speech where he reaches for a swig of water. >> it was a jarring moment. we were taken aback, watching. but it was somewhat jarring. he, himself, sort of made fun of moment. he has tweeted out the fact that he maybe -- someone joked he may be giving up poland spring water for lent. >> he tweeted a picture of the offending water bottle and twitter quick to dub it watergate. >> what else do you call it? >> thank you, chuck. >>> i spoke to republican speaker of the house john boehner at a place called pete's diner, his favorite breakfast spot steps away from the capitol. i asked him about tough comments he made on tuesday, saying he didn't believe the president had the guts to stand up to his own party in an effort to tackle the nation's fiscal problems. >> what i is suggested during the debt talks i
Feb 18, 2013 9:00am PST
moment, marco rubio is meeting with israel's prime ministers and jordan's king. rubio is seen as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. >>> and turning to syria now, for tens of thousands of syrians, every single day is a struggle to survive. fighting is what so many people, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands to leave their homes. >> in the north, they're making the long trek across the border into iraq. as arwa damon shows us, some families will stay, while others will bring back supplies to those left behind. >> reporter: the steady flow of man and beast extends as far as the eye can see. trudging along this old smuggling route between syria and north iraq. some too young to walk. or know why they've left home. hunger forced them to leave. syria's kurds have been spared the worst of syria's bloodshed but they are experiencing the same crippling shortages. a man cradling his crying baby turns and says to us "we can't live. we had to run away." his family made the trip from a kurdish neighborhood in aleppo. weaving between front lines. it took them five days, most of
FOX Business
Feb 12, 2013 11:00am EST
and marco rubio or anyone to do so and that is where we failed. when we talk about it like there isn't spending problem, there's a very big problem when $1 trillion more is going out and is coming in. you can call it a ham sandwich but it is a very bad issue. unless we address it and soon we will pay dearly and fast. connell: thank you as always. neil: you don't mean it. connell: not really. [talking over each other] neil: watches bret baier. dagen: he would watch if he on. [talking over each other] connell: pretty good guess line. neil: good guests lined up? connell: who knows not a plan that. is a dwarf planet. bernard: 1 not a real anchor. [talking over each other] neil: i didn't want to be with you guys but that was day. neil: when in doubt call him:. connell: have a great day. dagen: how could the president move markets in his speech tonight? the vice chairman at errol investments joins us from chicago. if he doesn't laugh have to cut back, how would the markets react? >> i don't think it will be a problem. there's not much optimism on this speech. people like washington to get
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am EST
a vote. >> star republican marco rubio responds this morning. >>> the pope speaks in english for the first time since his shocking announcement. his moving and historic words at his final ash wednesday mass. and why he's trying to clear up the conspiracy theories right now. >>> banana joe. >> peeling away from the competition. banana joe, best in show. he beats crowd favorite, swagger, the english sheepdog. this affenpinscher is second to no one. >>> and good morning, america. hello to robin. back in just one week to "gma." and so much is going on here this morning. three, big stories. we hear from the pope, as we said. the president's state of the union last night. but, elizabeth, last night was one of those nights that even as the president was getting ready to take center stage, all eyes on california. >> absolutely, george. that drama unfolding in california. there's gripping video that's come out just overnight of that dangerous showdown between police and christopher dorner. listen to the bullets. [ gunfire ] an unbelievable number of bullets exchanged between the suspe
Feb 17, 2013 3:00am PST
if congress fails to act. >>> marco rubio, meanwhile, is part of the gang of eight and he says the president's plan would be "dead on arrival." in congress. he released the statement yesterday saying president obama's leaked immigration proposal is disappointing to those of us working on a serious solution. he went on to say this legislation is half-baked and seriously flawed. he slammed the president's immigration plan, as you heard, gave the republican response to the state of the union and right now he's in the middle east visiting israel and jordan talking to leaders in both of those countries and president obama is scheduled to travel to israel next month. >>> we're hearing from jesse jackson jr.'s family as they speak in support of the former congressman just a day after details of his plea bargain were made public. jackson admitted to misusing campaign funds for personal expenses such as a $43,000 watch and fur coats, apparently. his brother talked about how jackson is handling these recent events. >> still under a strict regimen with the doctors and he's had todite wito deal with his
Feb 14, 2013 7:00am EST
of the union. senator marco rubio's awkward move to get a sip of water during the republican response. take a look. >> let me tell you from experience it is not easy being on tv. you have the sweltering lights. you have the audience, you have the cameras, knowing you're being watched by millions. [ applause ] >> it really can give a person a little bit of cotton mouth. >> i'm sorry. i'm nervous tonight for some reason. i'm just sweating a bit so i had to -- i'm just going to ju just -- just going to -- get something to drink here. [ applause ] >> just so thirsty. should have drank something before the show, i don't know why i didn't think of that. >> actually, the most impressive thing about president obama's speech last night, he did the whole thing without a single drink of water. >> and some things going through marco rubios' mind at this moment. that looked presidential, right? >> you handle it by always maintaining eye contact with the home viewer and connecting to the audience. >> why was the water so far away? it would have been less awkward if he reached down the front of his pants
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am EST
. we're not sure where we're going. >> and we're going to bring marco rubio to amateur night at the apollo. >> stop it. come on, now. don't you ever get thirsty? >> yeah. >> when you're preaching, do you not reach down and get some water once in a while? >> i never stop and go six feet away and drink it and keep my eye on the camera. >> that was a problem. >> that was a problem. >> you've got to own the water bottle. everything you do, man, you go for it. >> and you have to have it within reach and it's got to go with the flow of your sermon. >> you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to blame the staff for that. >> really? >> yeah, they put it a football field away. he was exhausted by the time he got back. also from "fortune" magazine, leigh gallagher. i want to talk about wayne lapierre. i think he's lost his mind. before we do, we're having fun with twitter. we talked about paul krugman, how you want to have stimulus in the short run, how we can handle deficits in the short run, but we need to plan for 2020. and of course, krugman's fans are tweeting nasty e-mails to you
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